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'Member that sample?

2013-10-26 03:56:58 by prodrift101

Well I finished the rest of the mix. Give it a listen and let me know what your thoughts are! Did I capture prescence? How was my mastering? Sound effects? Transitions?

Call now!


2013-10-24 19:57:27 by prodrift101

Released a sample of the song I've been making. Check it out!

New song in progress! Check out the screen caps!!!

2013-10-23 22:30:57 by prodrift101

I'm working on a remix of 'Silence' by Delirium. Still need some beefy transitions and mastering. Check out these sweet screen caps. I've never shown my FL files before so enjoy them!

Silence-Delirium(Vaan Edit) 1
Silence-Delirium(Vaan Edit)2

In the meantime, I might release a sample! Should I or shouldn't I?

Good news everyone!

2013-10-19 19:17:31 by prodrift101

They're suppositories!

New song, remix of 2005's 'Damaged' by Plummet! What are you waiting for, go listen!

I've done it!

2013-04-27 06:05:15 by prodrift101

It's here, Horizons! Check it out on my portal!

Keep your eyes and ears attuned for when the demo gets released. Follow me on twitter for live updates and the release of my new song Horizon!

Check out the demo of my newest song Liquid Energy @

New Song "Liquid Energy"

2013-02-25 17:54:41 by prodrift101

Third release in my new album Dream Trance to be released sometime this week. Follow me on twitter @Christoph Vaan. Or check out my soundcloud!